Thursday, September 24, 2009

Winter Pine Cone

From The Design Tracts

Here's a recent -- I mean like one minute ago -- shot of a pine cone that I found that I took for an upcoming holiday card for Rogers Memorial Hospital. From camera to web in one minute.

I love product photography.

I love digital.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Herrington Photoshoot

From The Design Tracts

Last week was a hectic schedule. Between three photoshoots and my normal work, I packed in the hours. This is an outtake of me doing what directors do best, re-arrange stuff for the camera.

The day's shots came out flawless and we had wonderful talent to back us up. Special thanks to L&M Productions for casting assistance and to our volunteer talent.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

OCD Photoshoot Outtake

From The Design Tracts
A couple of weeks ago, I directed a photo shoot for a local mental-health hospital, featuring the OCD unit. The shoot went really smooth and looking at the shots, we got lots of useful photos. Our volunteer talent did a great job. Special thanks to Dan Bishop for another high quality, profitable day of shooting.

Here I am dressing the set with some blankets.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

RMH Report to the Community Spreads

From The Design Tracts

I wanted to show off some of the spreads from the Report to the Community that I designed a few months back. These are a couple of my favorite. The printing of the booklet had some unique features. The body was printed black + PMS 317c with an aqueous coating and a spot varnish, and the pages were French folded with a simple hinge bond into the cover. The cover was printed black with the same aqueous coating and a spot varnish.

It also features photography art directed by me.

(Click on image to see full size.)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Nakamichi Racer Clamshell Packaging

From The Design Tracts

Before I designed the very slick packaging for QVC, I put together the retail versions which sold at Walmart, Target, and Shopko and elsewhere. I've never broken them out their packages and I don't know if I ever will.

Along with this assignment was the design of the logo. I'll post my concepts of that later in another post.

This package also features me as a hand model!

Nakamichi Racer Special QVC Packaging

From The Design Tracts
A few years back while working for Senario LLC, I was asked to design up this slick packaging concept for QVC to be sold as a special holiday promotion. Nakamichi Racers were among the first of the many 54th scale mini-remote control cars to be imported into this country when they were all the rage.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bunjie Hucksters Logo

From The Design Tracts

I designed this logo for the Bunjie Huckster's line.

It was the first version of the logo. The packaging features a redesign of the logo.

One of my fave logos and product lines.

Tamarack Gardens Final Artwork

The client picked, massaged, and approved design. Not very fancy, but satisfied the clients tastes.

You can see my sketches.

Tamarack Gardens Client Options

From The Design Tracts

I presented these three options to the client. We decided on option 1 as the direction.

Tamarack Gardens Sketch Pad

From The Design Tracts

The sketch pad of the Tamarack Gardens logo. The solution didn't require my normal amount of work and the time I had budgeted for this design was very limited, yet the client, as well as me, is pleased with the results.

Again, the sketching out a logo, or any design, I take much pride and joy in.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Chill Logo Pre-Client Options

From The Design Tracts

I did this logo design for a new (at the time) bar on Pewaukee's lakefront, while freelancing for a downtown design firm.

This board was presented to the design firm for their review before presenting to the client.

What they eventually picked had me shaking my head -- but it paid.


From The Design Tracts

Work I did for DMC with creative director. Clay Altmann. We had the idea over some drinks to invent mythical products that helped a firms marketing. They were to be magical devices.

These were the line of logos I designed for it. Lots of fun!

Discovery World Summerpalooza Wordmark

From The Design Tracts

Between DMC and RMH I landed a contract gig at Discovery World's marketing department right on the lake. Discovery World hired a number of freelancers and I have to say, it was nice beating out another former art director for the 2008 Summerpalooza identity and poster. After the guy they hired failed to deliver, I was given the task on top of my other duties.

What can I say? I like competition.

Product Photography and the Home Studio

From The Design Tracts
This is one of my favorite shots and of one of my favorite old school SLR -- the essential Pentax K-1000.

I love old cameras. They are one of my favorite subjects to capture and shoot.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The far far past...

From The Design Tracts
I got my start in design unlike most designers. Before I went to college, I was already a practicing designer. Not a very good one, but one none-the-less.

I went back to college when I was 25 -- in 1996. I already knew the major desktop publishing programs quite well. And I was one of the few students who knew how to run a process camera.

I'm pictured here at good 'ole Auto Buyer Magazine, circa 1995 I think, working on some font-in-the-box design and surprised by the camera.

Ah.... the good 'ole days.