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Monday, May 19, 2014

US Auctions Logo Design - Sketch Pad

Some fairly recent work for an Auction Company from of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Since most of this company's merchandize is from the WWII era, or other vintage, I took the logo in that direction.
This is just the development of the logo and brand mark I created shown here. My next post will feature the options I sent to the client for sign-off. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Freethought Logo Design

Last year (2012) I had for kicks done a banner redesign for Ed Brayton's blog "Dispatches from the Culture Wars" because I felt inspired that day and heck, I wanted to do something nice for the guy for all the free content he has published since I started reading his blog.  Anyway, Ed asked if I could come up with a logo for FTB blogs after that, but I had to brush him off -- too much billable work and not enough time for pro-bono projects.

So about a half a year ago, I was in the shower and I thought about Ed's request and a few ideas instantly came into my head and since there wasn't much work on my plate, I came up with these options.

Concept 1 is my strong favorite. When I designed it, I was thinking about the hand prints left behind from our Paleolithic ancestors in caves like Lascaux and how it was really the first time we've observed humanity realizing itself as human.  Concept 2 kind of picks up the "flame" iconography that you see other humanist organization use like AU and CFI -- reusing that language. Concept 3 is my least favorite, but it could have been picked as a direction and I could have developed the squares a little more. Concept 4 is another strong contender as I was trying to represent thoughts in some graphic way.

These logos are all two color options playing on the current FTB color scheme, and will be an easy to reproduce logo in various media. I did choose a darker, more mature red however. After a direction would have been picked I would have tried some other treatments to them (like adding gradients and textures) but they stand well on there own like they are too.

They were well received, but since FTB did do a re-brand last year this work won't be used, but it was a good exercise and I really enjoy pro-bono work.

Monday, August 19, 2013

VS MAXX Logo Design

Logo I designed for a toy gaming console. It was only an 8-bit game system 
so it was really more of a toy than anything.