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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

09 Ditch Reunion Logos Client Options

From The Design Tracts
After I sketch out my options, I usually choose between 3 and 4 that I think are the most successful and present them to the client. Luckily, I was partially the client so it wasn't a hard sell.

Ditch Reunion Logo Sketch Pad

From The Design Tracts

I thought I show off my sketch pad of possible logo designs as I was fleshing out the concept for the 2009 Skate Reunion in Delafield.

When I was a teen, the guys I skated with said I looked a lot like Powell & Peralta pro-skater, Mike McGill. Using that as a visual cue, I knew I wanted a skull and snake -- off to iStock for some art.

I'll post up the finals and how they looked on the shirts.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Successful failures, a logo sketch pad

MK|DIRECT Logo Sketch Pad
Originally uploaded by M.Theory
I can't stress the importance of sketching out your ideas in multiple ways when you begin an identity/logo assignment. Of course, when designing you are looking for just the right answer to whatever particular problem you are trying to solve. Unfortunately, to nail the right one, you have to find out what doesn't work. Designers are successful failures.

My methodology is pretty simple. After I've done some simple research, I open up a 50 inch or 100 inch square Illustrator document. My goal is to fill this sheet up with different ideas while not trying to get all caught up with minutiae. I want basic but solid ideas to work from. Once I get a healthy number of finalists I proceed in a level two design where I ascribe a look to the logo by treating the type or elevating the bug.