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Friday, October 9, 2009

Pair of PDA's

From The Design Tracts

Back in the Senario/Podd Morrow days, I came up with the designs for these two different pdas when pdas were all the rage. The one on the left is in a clamshell, while the other is in a simple blister pack. Packages also feature product photography by me.

Each pda had a whole line of product that each of the packages represented. These designs had nice self presence when packed out against competing products at Target, Walmart and Shopko.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tamarack Gardens Client Options

From The Design Tracts

I presented these three options to the client. We decided on option 1 as the direction.

Tamarack Gardens Sketch Pad

From The Design Tracts

The sketch pad of the Tamarack Gardens logo. The solution didn't require my normal amount of work and the time I had budgeted for this design was very limited, yet the client, as well as me, is pleased with the results.

Again, the sketching out a logo, or any design, I take much pride and joy in.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The far far past...

From The Design Tracts
I got my start in design unlike most designers. Before I went to college, I was already a practicing designer. Not a very good one, but one none-the-less.

I went back to college when I was 25 -- in 1996. I already knew the major desktop publishing programs quite well. And I was one of the few students who knew how to run a process camera.

I'm pictured here at good 'ole Auto Buyer Magazine, circa 1995 I think, working on some font-in-the-box design and surprised by the camera.

Ah.... the good 'ole days.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

RMH Logo Lockup Visual Research

From The Design Tracts

While I am busy producing 7 photoshoots this month, I've taken on the task in finally addressing Rogers array of confusing and sometimes conflicting logos.

This work is developmental and preliminarily and not meant as final work. The purpose behind this work is to figure out how visually these different logos -- sometimes designed on the fly and ad hoc -- can be incorporated into one coherent look which is easily understandable to the viewer. This is a detailed, premeditated visual strategy.

My plan is to do one specific lockup everyday for a month. I love this type of challenge -- to take a few elements, rearrange them, and find the best possible solution to an apparently visual cacophony.

The wall behind me reflects two days of ideation only.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finished 09 Ditch Logo Design Shirts

From The Design Tracts
The shirts turned out better than I thought. After I signed off and finished tweaking the winning the design, I left the printing and imposition up to Matt Pernick -- who owns a screen printing shop up in Green Bay.

Here I am with the guys modeling the shirts after a few adult bevies and a full day of skating. My ribs still hurt from that day!

09 Ditch Reunion Logos Client Options

From The Design Tracts
After I sketch out my options, I usually choose between 3 and 4 that I think are the most successful and present them to the client. Luckily, I was partially the client so it wasn't a hard sell.

Ditch Reunion Logo Sketch Pad

From The Design Tracts

I thought I show off my sketch pad of possible logo designs as I was fleshing out the concept for the 2009 Skate Reunion in Delafield.

When I was a teen, the guys I skated with said I looked a lot like Powell & Peralta pro-skater, Mike McGill. Using that as a visual cue, I knew I wanted a skull and snake -- off to iStock for some art.

I'll post up the finals and how they looked on the shirts.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

RMH Report to the Community Vignette

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I had two blow-ins to get out the door. One was a photoshoot, and the other was July 4th Poster for the Oconomowoc Rotary.

We finally had the Report to the Community delivered to our office and I didn't get a chance to celebrate over it.

The design and production of this annual report had some unique features. The body was printed black + PMS 317c with an aqueous coating and a spot varnish, and the pages were French folded with a simple hinge bond into the cover. The cover was printed black with the same aqueous coating and a spot varnish.

It's a really high quality piece. I don't get many portfolio-quality pieces so this is sure to be featured somewhere up there.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Senario Shredder Packaging

From The Design Tracts

From The Design Tracts

When I worked for Senario, I was given a line of shredders to design for.

The look of this line was to relate to a line of office consumer electronics that I had already set the graphic standards for.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Ditch Flyer. June 27 2009

From The Design Tracts
Some fun work! I used to skate this drainage ditch in Delafield as a kid. It was the center of my social life in high school.

Suffice to say, there was interest in getting together and skating the ditch again. And yes, that's me pulling some air.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Brewfest 2009 Poster

From The Design Tracts

Here's the full thing - poster and all. Hopefully, I've created an identity that the Oconomowoc Rotary can recycle and reuse, year to year – if they so choose.

Brewfest 2009 logo

This small job came in the other day and the assignment was to design a poster and flyer. Small potatoes. However, I took the opportunity update the present logo. I always look to add improvements when I can for my clients, even though this was a bro-bono job.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Eliminator Package Design

From The Design Tracts

Sometimes you receive design jobs in which the product developer already has a pretty good idea in mind of what they want.

Such was the case with the Eliminator. A device that assists in the quick removable scratch-off on lottery cards. I put flesh onto his concept and primitive layout, while incorporating the pre-existing logo into the design.

Full production of product begins this week.

Find out more about the Eliminator.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

RMH Shield Logos

From The Design Tracts
I work in Marketing Department for mental health hospital now. Not quite the career turn I was expecting, but a cozy, pretty chill one at that. I design a lot of DM and print and some electronic. Again, it's pretty chill and perfect for a designer that's always functioned as his own department.

• Logo on left for the 10 year for the OCD center.

• Logo on the right for some internal team building.

I've incorporating the present brand mark into these designs. I'm not a big fan of the present brand mark let's just say - and I didn't design it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Team College Logo Design

From The Design Tracts
This assignment is from a few years ago. I was asked to create an identity for a line of sports electronics along very specific criteria. The client was dead-set on an American flag.

The client wasn't much up to exploration of other options. I based the finished logo (top) on the company's pre-existing logo, combining the two.

Regardless, I think I crafted some worthy options and managed to satisfy their vision.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

RMH Booth at Harvest Fest

A co-worker posing behind some displays that I designed a few months ago.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

TCI Information Graphics

From The Design Tracts

This was actually quite a fun project and I am, and most importantly - the client, happy with the results.

Going forward with an update of TCI's graphic identity I had the task of redesigning just how these waveform charts should look. I came up with a nice, clean look with just enough shadow and gradient to make these charts look sharp and clean. Also, these charts can function on a white background (plain paper) or on coverage backgrounds, like above.

Again, probably not the most sexiest thing design-wise, but good design is not always about the most flashy or prolific. It is about solving the visual problem at hand.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

lake country designer • my professional site

From The Design Tracts
Yesterday, I launched my new design site. I've left DMC for various reasons, so I am back to freelance in the short term. In the long term I'd like to just focus on one field like just packaging design or just interactive/web design.

I'd appreciate any help.

Note: I've removed my site and for now, this blog will have to function like my online portfolio. If you are interested in talking to me, feel free to email me.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bunjie Hucksters & Holiday Shopping

From The Design Tracts

Sometimes the best design comes on the fly. The Bunjie Huckster packaging was once such program that I put together in a matter of hours, die-lines and all.I don't know what it is, but I can never complete my holiday shopping without waiting to the last moment. I am too picky. No gift is good enough and the prices always seem to high.
Just like with design and certainly with some projects over others.

Tight deadlines are at most times, this designer's best friend. I don't have time to shop, I must pick a direction, develop it and get it off my desk and to the client.