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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Performance Plus Marketing Components

Click to embiggen.
The above graphic shows the various components for the launch of this private label.

It was nice, as a designer, to not only design the logo, but design the packaging, the sell sheets, the email, and the web graphic – as well as do the product photography myself and write the copy as the one iteration above illustrates.

The launch of this product will be via the client's sales staff and social media.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

RJ Schinner Sales & Marketing Binder Design

About three months ago, I took the job as Electronic Marketing Specialist with RJ Schinner. In this role, I do design and marketing, as well as manage a website and blog along with other marketing initiatives. It's been a good fit so far.

I started work on a binder to showcase our in-house sales and marketing efforts and the result is the artwork above. With almost no resources, I found royalty free and free use artwork online. The binder also features a spot color of Pantone 8422C -- silver metallic.

I think the result is pretty good. So far everyone has been pleased. 

Its a high-end piece that RJ Schinner hasn't had before.